Keynote speaker Gretchen McCulloch discusses rising patterns in Internet syntax, such as doge, “because x,” and variations of “I can’t even.”

Sunday presentations

Saturday presentations

McCCLU: Day 2!

McCCLU continues with presentations today, starting at 9 am with breakfast and late registration in room 3F.43 of Dawson College. This can be accessed from de Maisonneuve or the Atwater Metro station (map).

Today we will hear from Louisa Bielig, Clay Riley, Miriam Wong, Noor Al-Zanoon, Misha Schwartz, and Lauren Garfinkle.

Everyone’s research will be fascinating, so don’t miss it!

Wine and cheese!
Thank you to everyone who came and to our keynote speaker, Matther Masapollo for presenting his research on pre-linguistic infants’ perception of the phonetic properties in the speech of different types of speakers!

First day of McCCLU!

Here is the program for the conference.

Tonight we will kick off the event with a wine and cheese reception, starting at 6pm in room 160 of the Arts Building (map here)

We are so excited to welcome our presenters to McGill and Montreal by starting McCCLU weekend off right!

As always, questions can be directed to our Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook page.

Safe travels and see you all tonight!

Soooo what about when we’re not linguisting?

You may have noticed that there are several hours in which no McCCLU-related events are scheduled. Fret not!

Our visiting presenters are welcome to use this time to explore Montreal/hike up the mountain/get a poutine/whatever.

We also have some alternatives planned!

On Saturday, after presentations have finished for the day, there will be a relaxing shindig where you can play board games and get to know the other presenters.

Then, everyone is invited to have dinner with a very charming bunch of linguistics undergrads from McGill! (Yes, this means free food.)

We hope to see you there!


Frio, neve, vento—muito vento. #blizzard #mcgill #montreal

A glimpse of what campus looked like today.Remember to check the weather forecast before you pack your bag!


Frio, neve, vento—muito vento. #blizzard #mcgill #montreal

A glimpse of what campus looked like today.
Remember to check the weather forecast before you pack your bag!

McCCLU is just two days away and we’re getting pretty excited here in Montreal, despite the snowy weather!

As you may know, there will be a wine and cheese reception on Friday evening at 6pm to welcome all of our presenters to McGill. Matthew Masapollo will also be giving his keynote speech around 6:45.

If you are presenting at McCCLU, please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive to the wine and cheese!

We will be providing all the presenters with an unlimited weekend STM pass to get to and from Dawson College (or anywhere else in the city). It can be used on the metro or the bus system. (See the STM website for more information.) These will be distributed at the wine and cheese.

A detailed schedule for the conference can be found here.

Feel free to ask any questions here on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter

Everyone (both presenters and attendees) is welcome to come to both the wine and cheese and the presentations themselves. We hope to see you there!